I love, love, love this song. So beautifully written and sung. God is so good and I always love to hear worship in other languages. God is on the move all over the world, and this is just a small reminder that we’re all connected! ❤ Below is the youtube description with lyrics and translation. Enjoy! 😀

Uthando, Zulu for love, is a song written by Tikae Mabelane, Njabulo Kunene and Langa Mbonambi of We Will Worship. The song is going to be in the upcoming album YHWH. Enjoy.

Vocalist: Njabulo Kunene
Pianist: Tikae Mabelane

Lyrics and English Translation:

Chorus 1:
Simbona ngo thando lwakhe. Simbona ngo thando lwakhe,
(We see him by His love, We see him by His love)
Uthand' oladel' ukufa, Simbona ngo thando lwakhe,
(The Love that embraced death, We see him by His love)

Verse 1:

Wangikhip' ekufeni, Wanginika impilo
(He snatched me from Death, He gave me life)
Manje sengingumtwana, okhululekile
(Now I am a child who's been set free)

Chorus 2:
Simbona ngo musa wakhe. Simbona ngo musa wakhe,
(We see Him by His grace, We see Him by His grace)
Umus' ongena mkawulo, Simbona ngo musa wakhe,
(His grace that never ends, We see Him by His grace)

Verse 2:
Ungibamba ngesandla, ungihol' endleleni
(He holds my hand, guides me on the path)
Uyagcin' izwi lakhe, Unobhubele
(He upholds his word, He is filled with kindness)


Wamuhle uJehova, uthando lwakhe, lumiphakade
(The Lord is good and His love endures forever)


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